1-Green Weddings

We’ll see more green and natural elements in 2016. I think it's time to return to our beautiful nature.

                                               Photography:Kristen Weaver Photography

                                               Photography:Kristen Weaver Photography

2-Peach is the New Black!

As a shade of orange peach is a trending colour in 2016 for spring weddings. Match it with mint or pink if you want to add a touch of romance to it. 


3-Envelope Liners

Great way to add a personality to your big event! 

4-Feathers, Feathers and more Feathers!

I know we've seen enough feathers in Gatsby Themed weddings in 2015 but this time it's different.Get ready for more chic and modernized feather elements in 2016 weddings.

5-Show off that Leg!

A high leg slit design is perfect for modern brides who want the traditional floor-length dress with a touch of fashion-forward detail! Perfect for looking sexy and sophisticated!



6-King's Tables

There are many table configuration options for wedding receptions this year but nothing sets the stage for sophistication like a super-stretch king’s table.  

                                Featured Photographer: Bryce Covey; Floral Designer: Joy Thigpen via Brides

                                Featured Photographer: Bryce Covey; Floral Designer: Joy Thigpen via Brides

7-Photo Booths

I know they are everywhere! But what makes a photo booth even better? Letting your guests have their own editorial-like photoshoot! So get creative and check out these amazing backdrop ideas.


8- Headpieces

A headpiece is a popular way to adorn your hairstyle and make your wedding looking much more stunning.

                                                                        Jane Baltzer collection 2016

                                                                        Jane Baltzer collection 2016

9- Custom Cake Toppers! 

Laser cut cake toppers are a fun way to personalize your wedding cake. 

10-Getting Ready Shots!

It’s probably going to get a little crazy in the morning of your wedding day! Those are the best moments for you and your family/friends . Make sure your wedding photographer gets a good shot of your cute shoes before you scuff them up on the dance floor.