Top 5 Tips for Photographing Fashion Week

Hello everyone! It's the fashion week season! After New York and London next destination is Milan for fashion gurus and all the other weird looking street stylers. (Don't you just love them?)

While I was sipping my coffee and thinking about writing something about fashion weeks, I stumbled upon some good tips for my fellow photographers. Here are the ones I kindly picked and collected for you:

1-Know Your Equipment and How to Use It! : Choose your lens wisely based on your needs. Consider renting a lens or two, if your current one doesn't provide the speed and focal range you need. Don't forget to set your white balance and other camera settings appropriately.  Always have multiple flash cards and make sure your battery is fully charged.(I try to use 32 GB memory cards for runway so I don't have to worry about changing it in the middle of the show). Bring a monopod for better results. 

2-Feel the Light! : If you are shooting backstage, remember the key for better pictures is using the light creatively. Either go for photojournalistic images or close-ups with a strobe, lighting is the most important element. It's a busy place so you need to be prepared for anything, if not with gear, then at least with skills.

3-Details! : Fashion week isn't just about runway shows and the final look. Keep your eyes open! It's the little things that will make a difference. Try to capture details for your images to stand out.

4-Learn Your Lesson! : Don't forget to learn about the designers, models, stylists and celebrities who are in attendance. Know the models' names and introduce yourself. You may see them multiple times. If they are comfortable with you, you will get a better shot. Always try to capture the designer before or after his/her show. Try to get a press release to be aware of which celebrities are expected at the shows. 

5-Go Outside! : Shooting at backstage or runway might be really stressful sometimes. Go outside (if you aren't already) and get a little fresh air. Oh look! Another unusually outfitted blogger is waiting to have his/her pictures taken. Go for it! Have fun!